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Kohort in brief

The spread of misinformation and a lack of personalised guidance have hampered the aspirations of many students and professionals. Kohort was started to be a transparent, personalised, and holistic partner to anyone who aims to strengthen their skillset to unlock meaningful new career opportunities. Our mentors genuinely care and strive to help you reach your full potential and have an impactful career.

Meet our supporters

We’re backed by some of the country’s leading incubators and trusted by highly reputed partner universities.

Our mission

Kohort is on a relentless quest to provide a safe and supportive space for members to connect with each other, share their passions, and make meaningful contributions to society. We believe that professional growth and personal fulfilment is not reserved for just the top 1%. Kohort is committed to lowering socio-economic barriers and making a better life through career growth possible for all. Our mentors are experienced experts who’ve been where you were and have done what you wish to do

Our Four Pillars


Inclusivity: 101% growth for 100% of you

Committed to help you grow – regardless of your age, race, sexual orientation and economic background.


Relevancy: relentless pursuit of real-world skills

Bridging the gap between classroom learning and practical skills that the world needs today.


Holistic: personalised guidance from personable mentors

Mentorship that goes beyond just theoretical knowledge, keeps you accountable, and helps you navigate the turbulent waters of life.


Integrity: nurturing your talents without generating FOMO

We operate transparently, led by a strong code of ethics, without hidden commissions from external bodies.

The Kohort story

We’ve come a long way in a short time.

Kohort was incorporated with one overarching aim: to disrupt the higher education space by empowering students and professionals to live their best life.

February 10, 2023

Just a couple of months later, Kohort was selected for StartUp Karnataka Elevate (Round 1), but this was just the beginning!

February 10, 2023

Kohort was incorporated with one overarching aim: to disrupt the  higher education space by mpowering students and professionals to live their best life

February 10, 2023


Meet our Founder

Pavan K Sriram

When I was a student, I noticed that there was a lack of trustable guidance and personalised mentorship for students. As a result, I saw many people around me blindly chasing social validation, money, and status. Doing this led to them ending up doing things that they didn’t want and being unhappy. Kohort was established to solve this problem, with the sole purpose of helping students and professionals make more informed choices and live their best life

The Kohort Team

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