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How You Can Boost Your Student Profile To Study In Top-Universities Abroad

Every year, millions of students aspire to study abroad, and many are able to achieve their dream.

But with increasing competition and misinformation being spread in the Education industry, getting into top-ranking universities abroad has become an increasingly complex process.

Just obtaining the highest scores in your high school is no more enough to secure admission in these highly reputed institutions worldwide today.

The acceptance rates are getting lower each year because the number of applications keeps rising, but the universities have a limited number of seats to offer to the students.

In such a situation, what can you do to stand out? Luckily for you, your friends at Kohort have got your back. Here’s how you can skyrocket your chances of getting into the best universities in the world.

Do Something Bigger Than Yourself

Universities prioritize students who not only have high scores but are equally involved in serving their communities as well.

Be involved as volunteers with local NGOs in your city or locality. This shows that you’re someone who cares about not just yourself but also society at large.

Support and volunteer in donation initiatives, feeding drives, and help organizations that work for the welfare of the underprivileged.

Your involvement in such causes shows that you care for the world around you, and there is more to you than just your grades.

Universities are looking to gauge not just your academic ability as a student but also what kind of a person you are. Engaging in social work paints an impressive picture of you with regard to this.

Leverage Extra-Curricular Activities

An excellent way to stand out as a student is to participate in extracurriculars. Doing so in addition to academics shows universities that not only do you study well but you are also skilled in various verticals; this makes you a more valuable and well-rounded candidate for universities.

Identify your interests, and search for competitions and events in those areas. For example, if you’re interested in International Relations, Geo-Politics, and Public Policy, then participate in Model United Nations conferences conducted by several schools and colleges.

If your strength lies in oration skills, participate in debates or extempore competitions to practice and showcase your public speaking skills.

If you are more academically oriented, there are numerous Olympiads that can increase your academic ability and intellect even more in a fun and competitive manner.

Your participation in events and competitions like these showcases your enthusiasm outside of your class and makes you stand out from the thousands of other profiles who limit themselves to only academic pursuits.

The Power Of Projects

You might curse your teachers for giving you so many projects to do but they can be a real game-changer in your journey of making an outstanding study-abroad profile

The projects you undertake in school are a great way to show the universities important soft skills such as openness to collaboration, leadership initiatives, and teamwork skills.

You can develop different project ideas for your school exhibitions or functions and set up a team to complete those. This can be a fun way to form new friendships and also enable mutual growth amongst you and your group of students.

Don’t underestimate the power of projects! It’s a subtle, yet valuable add to your student profile as a candidate for studying abroad.

The Ultimate Value Add: Internships

Doing internships is the best and biggest way in which you can boost your chances of getting into any university in the world.

Universities and employers today give more weightage to real-world skills and professional work experience than grades and degrees. If you already have good grades and a relevant academic background, internships are what you can use to make yourself an even more valuable candidate.

Moreover, internships are also the perfect avenue to identify your interests. They might also help you in selecting the major or minor that you want to pursue in your college or university.

They provide you with a real work environment where you can build a great professional network and drastically boost your career trajectory.

Universities look for candidates with pragmatic experience and grit, qualities which are highlighted by external ventures that a student takes up such as internships.

Doing internships shows that you can not only learn in the classroom but you can also implement in the real world what you’ve learned in the classroom.

A Well-Crafted Statement Of Purpose (SOP)

Good writing doesn’t mean using fancy words and boasting about your achievements.

Admission Officers read through thousands of SOPs (Statement of Purpose) and college essays.

This makes it essential to make your essay engaging, exciting, and unique in some manner.

It should not be all about your achievements and struggles but about who you really are as a person. Make sure to highlight your interests, passions, and vision for the future.

Speak a little about what you like about the college you are applying to and why you’re picking that program in particular.

Above all, always make sure that the entire document is professional and error-free. Grammatical errors and shabby work could have a negative impression on the admissions team that will destroy your chances of getting into the university.

A Dynamic Resume/CV

Your CV should speak of your significant achievements and relevant work experience to your program. This will help the university in deciding how you’re suitable to the program based on your background.

Make sure to mention your volunteering initiatives, internships and anything which you undertook beyond your academics.

Add any certifications you have gained to enhance your knowledge in different subjects to show yourself as a well-rounded individual.

Throughout your CV, make sure to highlight the value you have added in each role that you’ve done.

Keep it crisp, professional, and do not lie or exaggerate anything on your CV. If universities find even a glimmer of unethical practice in your application, it will immediately be rejected and you’ll be blacklisted.


It can be difficult and time-consuming to prepare for studying abroad as it has multiple equally essential steps to it.

You should keep working towards your profile one day at a time by finding a perfect balance between academics and other activities.

The process requires determination, hard work, commitment, and, most importantly, a strong will. Feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment if you need assistance in any of the steps, Kohort would be happy to help you :)

All the best for your journey!

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