20 Jan 2023 10 min Read

From Self Doubt To Glory

– Akshata’s Story

Who Am I?

‘Never fear failure’. This is my life motto which I keep telling myself.

Although I had turbulent periods of self-doubt with regards to applying for my Masters programs and getting awarded scholarships, one thing I was never scared of was failure.

So many students give up even before they get started due to the fear of not making it. What I’ve learned is that it’s always better to try and fail than not try at all.

Regret is much more painful than failure, so I forced myself to try anyway despite the self-doubt.

I decided that I’d rather deal with the discomfort of failure than the pain of wondering ‘what if’ for the rest of my life.

My Application Process

I distinctly remember being doubtful about obtaining paperwork from my college's administrative office to qualify for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship program for Electric Vehicle Propulsion and Control.

I was sceptical about whether my application would fit the requirements of an overseas scholarship program.

Adding to that, I doubted my capacity to cope in a new and international atmosphere — a world of unfamiliarity for me. I’d heard that all those changes could be quite hard to adapt to initially.

Despite it all, today, I can proudly say that I am one among the very few recipients of a fully-funded Erasmus scholarship.

However, I was not always confident. My strategy to become more confident was to put in the work necessary.

At the time of applying, despite my fears, I diligently prepared all my documents, especially the motivation letter, which I believe was one of the key reasons for my approval. Kohort and the mentorship provided to me was vital for me to engage in drafting of my letter smoothly.

I did my best to make my case for every quality and qualification that the program looked for in students, as well as my professional short-term and long-term goals.

For me, the process of deciding to study abroad was more than just a process that I had to undertake to reach my desired destination. It was a process that prepared me to confront the world and achieve my goals.

Studying abroad had more to do with growing as a person and experiencing life than it did with merely studying a particular subject.

Preparing for the IELTS exam, studying for academics, and learning a foreign language all at once was extremely stressful.

I researched a lot though. I learned that having relevant internships, projects, publications, and certifications always gives applicants an upper hand in increasing their chances of acceptance.

Knowing this, one crucial thing I did was plan ahead. I started the process at the right time and proceeded with each stage with time on my side.

I also picked a program and specialisation that I was already well-suited for due to my bachelor’s studies also being in Electric Vehicles. Having a background which is aligned with your new initiative of pursuing Masters is important and can be one of the determining factors of whether you’re accepted into top universities or not.

The Road Ahead

Through this journey, I learned that patience and perseverance are the keys to not only enjoying your learning journey but also achieving successful outcomes.

Things were never perfect and they are never going to be perfect. All you can do is put in the work to improve your life and career, one day at a time.

At the end of the day, anyone can achieve whatever they want to with the right amount of hard work, enthusiasm, and effort.

I’d like to thank Kohort for being my helping hand in this journey and helping me achieve this milestone in my life.

I wish everyone a happy and successful career and feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to know more helpful information from my study-abroad journey :)

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